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Board of Directors


Jiang BinMr.Jiang, graduated from Beihang University, received his MBA from Tsinghua University. Goertek was founded by Mr. Jiang in 2001, and he served as the President ever since. Prior to that, Mr. Jiang served as Technical Manager in Weifang Yaguang Electronic. Mr. Jiang accesses to a wide range of credit like being a member of council in CECA and being the Vice President of SDLCA. Also, Mr. Jiang was elected as the Labor Model of Shandong Province and the Committee Member of National People's Congress. Mr. Jiang has a deep understanding of the Company and broad executive experience.


Jiang Bin

Duan HuiluMr. Duan, holds B.A. from Shandong University of Finance and Economics, joined Goertek in 2001 as accountant. After that, Mr. Duan served as Financial Manager in Goertek. Mr.Duan has more than 10 years experiences in Corporate Finance.

Liu ChengminMr. Liu Chengmin
Master of Science in Mechanics, Harbin Institute of Technology. Currently, he is the Chairmen of the BOD of Beijing Zhuiyuan Venture Capital Co., Ltd, Executive Partner of Tianjin Long Yuan Yun Teng Investment Co., Ltd, Independent Director of Shenzhen Nuopuxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd, the technical consultant of Ping An Trust.
Former Huawei domestic marketing director of telecommunications, Former Tencent senior executive vice president and president of wireless Internet business group. With extensive experiences in the fields of telecommunications and Internet.

Independent Directors

Xia ShanhongMrs. Xia, holds B.S. from Tsinghua University, is a senior research fellow and PH.D. Supervisor. She served as the committee of Institute of Electrics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The scientific research group that is course controller with Mrs. Xia is undertaking project of scientific research of a lot of state level, ministry class. Mrs. Xia is certified for being an Independent Director.

Wang TianmiaoMr. Wang, holds B.S. from Xi'an Jiaotong University and Ph.D from Northwestern Polytechnical University, serves as the Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor in Beihang University. Mr. Wang is member of expert panel convened by the State Department; also, he is the director of Robotics Institute at Beihang University. The main research direction of Mr. Wang is advanced robot technology, and these certificates all bear witness to his outstanding achievements. Mr. Wang is certified for being an Independent Director.

Wang Kun