Great using experiences are created by strong capacity of  lens development capability and mature ergonomic design.

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Panoramic Camera

Intergrateing advanced image processing technologies to show you perfect 360 degree vision.

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Viewable Peripherals

From traditional wireless gaming controllers to motion-sensing controllers, Goertek is commited to improving user experience by developing better products.

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VR/AR optical capability

Goertek can provide all kinds of VR optical solutions such as the aspheric lens, Finel lens, hybrid diffractive optical components, and all kinds of AR optical solutions such as reflective surface and prism reflection. Currently, Goertek continuously invests in R&D of advanced AR, VR optical technology, such as free surface, optical waveguide, microdisplay and other related technologies.

3D Virtual Sound Technology

Focus on 3D sound enhancements, 3D audio positioning and high-density reverberation algorithms to enhance auditory experience.

Optical Solution in VR/AR

Goerxon focuses on the design and manufacture of cameras and lens employed in smartphones and VR products. Optical products provided by Goerxon have excellent diopter.

Systematic Solution in VR/AR

Providing one-stop systematic solution with vertical integration capabilities.
• Total R&D solutions including Optical, ID, ME, EE, RF and SW.
• Total manufacturing solutions including components, molding/injection,
calibration,FATP and factory automation.