Sustainable Development

Policy of Sustainable Development

Upholding with the core values of “integrity, pragmatic, initiative, and innovation” and the corporate social responsibility of “law-abiding, employee respecting, sustainable developing, society contributing”, Goertek actively pursues the corporate social responsibility and economic growth. Goertek has always taken it as its own duty to make a contribution for stockholders, creditors, employees, customers, communities, and sustainable development, actively promotes the fulfillment of social responsibility of stakeholders, protects the legitimate right of employees, engages in the environmental protection and public welfare activities, and promotes a harmonious development between organization and society.

  · Policy of social responsibility 

Law-abiding, employee respecting, sustainable developing, social contributing

  · Policy of conflict-free metal

Goertek has taken "prohibition of using conflict minerals" as the basic principle, committed to the investigation of metal raw materials to ensure that these metals, including gold, tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum, tin, would not obtain by the illegal or non-governmental legion, or obtained through illegally smuggling way and conflict regions of Democratic Republic of Congo and its adjacent mining areas.