Sustainable Development

Green Operation

All water used in the company comes primarily from the city water supply system, which has no effect on rivers, lakes, underground water and sea ice. The water used is for office work and living. There is no industrial water used in the manufacturing process. Our manufacturing is assembly which requires no water. The waste gas is industrial waste gas and oil fumes from restaurants. The main sources of noise are from air-conditioners, air compressors, cooling towers, fans, water pumps or other power equipment. We have adopted a variety of methods to reduce noise, such as updating the facilities, improving technology and isolating the noise source.
  Waste is divided into two categories: general waste and hazardous waste. General waste is sent to professional recycling companies while hazardous waste is handed to qualified companies who are registered with Environmental Protection Agency. Our company values office environment. We reduce energy consumption and improve utilization of resources by improving management and cultivating employees'''' environmental awareness.