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Goertek Announces Rox Earbud Reference Design with Support for Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound technology

Publisher:Goertek   Issuing Time:2021-05-18   Source:Goertek  

      Goertek has unveiled a powerful new earbud reference design to help manufacturers looking to implement Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sound™ technology to speed their time to commercialization. Goertek collaborated closely with Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. in the optimization, system integration, acoustic optimization, and manufacturing of the Rox earbud reference design.  Powered by the Qualcomm® QCC5141 Bluetooth Audio SoC, the Rox reference design is optimized for use in earbuds and hearables and is designed to deliver high-resolution music, crystal-clear voice calls, and lag-free gaming— with superior connectivity and extended battery life.



        Each side of Rox reference design has 3 Goertek high SNR MIC and one SBS (Super Balance Speaker) speaker to support high performance ANC and deliver a premium wireless sound experience. Goertek has collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies on the Rox reference design which is engineered to meet the strict metrics for latency, voice call quality, music quality and connectivity required to carry the Snapdragon Sound logo. Key features of the Rox reference design include Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive audio technology for 24-bit 96kHz music quality, aptX Voice for 32kHz super wideband voice quality and always on wake word detection for Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assistant. In addition to this Goertek could also offer ANC and EQ tuning to help OEMs reduce development time and cost. The device is optimized for power with 6.1mA current during ANC to support 5 hours of battery life with 35mAh battery.


        Justin Zhan, GM of Goertek Consumer Electronic Products, said, “We are pleased to offer the World’s first reference design that can support Snapdragon Sound from Qualcomm Technologies. Goertek has developed several generations of reference designs based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Platform and we are excited to extend that to Snapdragon Sound which is designed to provide seamless, immersive audio in, and across, devices including smartphones, wireless earbuds and headsets. Goertek’s capability is demonstrated with this, the first true wireless earbud reference design with support for Snapdragon Sound technology which we have designed with human wear comfort and a superior sound experience for listening to music, communicating on the phone, or wirelessly gaming.”



      “Snapdragon Sound is designed to help consumers hear every detail of their music just as the artist intended, get fully immersed in lag-free mobile gaming with ultra-low latency, and feel better connected to colleagues and loved ones through voice and video calls with true-to-life audio. When developing Snapdragon Sound we looked across the entire chain, from audio source to earbud in ear, to optimize the experience across several key areas including sound quality, connectivity and latency. We are excited to see Goertek make this Rox reference design available to help OEMs quickly and cost-effectively bring Snapdragon Sound optimized earbuds to consumers.” said James Chapman, vice president and general manager, Voice, Music & Wearables, Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.


      Goertek offers a one-stop solution for Hearable industrial design, electronic design, mechanical design, RF, antenna design, acoustic design, software design, product testing and final mass production service. In each generation of reference design, Goertek has used its unique capabilities in acoustic know-how, as well as an in-depth understanding of industrial design, wear comfort of the human ear, materials selection, and extensive manufacturing experience, to help make Rox reference platform fully capable and quickly scalable for high volume manufacturing.