Reference design of lightweight AR glasses
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Reference design of lightweight AR glasses

The lightweight AR reference design based on Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform,using Freeform lens and 1080p micro-OLED module to provide consumers and enterprises with low-power immersive experience and high-performance productivity scheme.

  • ■ Near ear Acoustics: It has the comfort of open non-ear acoustic system, and reduces the sound leakage
    ■ Unique hinge design: high-speed signal transmission and heat transfer
    ■ Light material: new ultra light alloy material, the weight is only half of the aluminum alloy under the same conditions
    ■ Heat dissipation design: unique soaking and heat insulation materials, and unique hinge heat conduction technology for efficient heat dissipation
    ■ Professional optical AA and calibration system: professional automatic production line to achieve high precision, high automation production