Sustainable Development

Employee Care

Respecting for Employees and Protecting the Legitimate Right of Employees 
  Goertek doesn't employ involuntary labor, child labor and anyone who has been compelled, and doesn't have any discrimination in relation to religion, race, sex, politics, and geography, and all employees work voluntarily. The company upheld with the principle of equity on recruitment and daily management, and has established internal team and labor union for providing a complaint channel for employees and understandings employees' voice.

Employee Compensation and Benefits
  Goertek is committed to establish perfect salary and compensation system, providing commercial insurance, children's education, distinctive welfare and many other noncash welfare, and providing convenient service based on employees' food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment. In our community, there are supermarkets, dry cleaners, hairdressing and beauty, charging station of electric cars, banks and other living facilities as well as regular buying activates.

Employee Career Development and Growth
  Goertek implements the first-class talent strategy that devoted to talent cultivation, providing enough equal opportunities for employees' training. Goertek has combined employees' self-development and organizational development in order to offer more developing platforms, support employees' capabilities and interests, help them to choose free developing path and to achieve self-worth and self-growth.

Employees' Health and Safety
  To guarantee the health and safety of employees and promote sustainable development is the basic responsibility of the company and it is also the policy for job safety and health. The company has set up the job health and safety management council to monitor the employees' health and safety. The council consists of a supervision center which organizes safety meetings quarterly. In safety meetings, we review production and operation processes of the company and plan future key safety goals. In addition to that, we focus on the mental health of employees. We have full-time staff that are in charge of psycho-consultation in every production department to help our employees who are experiencing pressure and to help them solve their problems in work and life. 

Communication and Cooperation
  The company has set up multiple communication channels for employees to give feedback or support for Goertek, such as: employee satisfaction surveys, discussion meetings, telephone hotlines, email, suggestion box, etc. All of these communication channels allow top management to know the psychological and emotional feelings of employees. Also, these channels enable employees actively take part in company management.