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Goertek to display new intelligent hardware solutions and technologies at CES 2020

Publisher:Goertek   Issuing Time:2020-01-09   Source:Goertek  

        LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2020  -- Goertek Inc., of China's leading smart hardware manufacturers, plans to showcase a series of cutting-edge acoustic, optical and electronic smart hardware at the 53rd International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will kick off in Las Vegas on January 7.

        In the AR/VR space, Goertek plans to display advanced small-sized VR/AR headsets and complete sets of equipment, including the proprietary and mass-produced VR headset Pancake folded lens module, featuring superior optical performance and a total tracking length (TTL) one third of what is required for traditional solutions, greatly reducing thickness and weight. Goertek will also showed a series of AR smart glasses reference jointly developed with WaveOptics Ltd. based on diffractive waveguide optics.

        By taking advantage of the opportunities made available as a result of product upgrades and continuous innovation in smart wireless headsets, smartphones and smart speakers in the acoustics sector, Goertek plans to showcase many true wireless stereo (TWS) headsets with active noise reduction and new generation 5 ATM waterproof, super balance micro speakers (SBS) with enhanced sound quality. Furthermore, the company will display smart speakers with a screen that supports face and gesture recognition as well as other high-performance intelligent sound reproduction equipment.

        With the mission of creating health and beauty with technology, Goertek continues to focus on development of sports and health wearables and will debut proprietary smartwatch which support ECG monitoring at CES 2020. The company plans to also display a number of highly integrated, superior performance small system in package (SiP) solutions that can meet the requirements for small-size and functional integration into intelligent hardware systems, as well as the latest lineup in the high performance, high precision MEMS sensor series, including blood pressure, differential pressure, pneumatic and vibration sensors.