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Goertek's Flexible VR Glasses Win Germany's iF Design Award 2024

Publisher:Goertek   Issuing Time:2024-03-22   Source:Goertek  

        The Flexible VR Glasses, an industrial design from Goertek Inc. recently received the 2024 German iF Design Award for its innovation and outstanding user experience. It marks Goertek's first such award and second international recognition in design after the Japanese GOOD DESIGN AWARD in 2023. The German iF Design Award, considered as the "Oscar" of the sector, is one of the most prestigious global awards for industrial designs.

The product addresses the challenges of large sizes and inconvenience in portability of traditional VR glasses by reducing its footprint using a foldable design. This involves a specially designed hinge that allows a 40% savings in storage space. In addition, it allows users to flip up the front island (main unit) for direct interaction and communication, while relieving the pressure on their faces and eyes. Another design improvement involves the face mask that features numerous air ducts, which allow air circulation away from the front island to lower the surface temperature of the face mask through effective heat dissipation.

Goertek, through its constant monitoring of market needs, is making continuous breakthroughs in industry designs with the objective of providing global customers with a one-stop service from product concepts and designs to mass production. Goertek will continue to stay focused on a "people-oriented" design philosophy and pursue development fueled by technological innovation. Goertek will continue to dedicate itself to providing high-quality products that are smarter, more comfortable and more portable for consumers around the globe.