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Goertek's lab receives SGS-QTL certification, an industry first for wearable product comfort

Publisher:Goertek   Issuing Time:2024-04-24   Source:Goertek  

        Goertek Inc. recently received the Qualified Testing Location (QTL) certification from SGS, an internationally recognized testing, inspection and certification agency, for wearing comfort and acoustic testing capability of Goertek’s laboratory. This is also the world's first QTL certification for wearing comfort of consumer electronics products.

        In recent years, the growth in wearable products has been accompanied by increased demand of users for better user experience, in particular, comfort. This is happening while testing tools, methods, standards and certification for this need are not yet in place. In an effort to address the standardized advancement of wearable product comfort and ensure better use ease for consumers, Goertek has initiated testing methods and design norms for products' comfort-of-wear by building on its technical strengths in man-machine design & engineering, and is collaborating with SGS to promote them.

        SGS concluded that Goertek's lab conforms to accreditation requirements in terms of its competence in wearing comfort and acoustics tests after a comprehensive and meticulous assessment and evaluation of its research facility by referring to approved standards including IEC60268, EN50332 and ETSI TS126 132.

        This SGS-QTL certificate is a landmark indicator that Goertek’s lab has been qualified to rank among top performers in the area of wearable product comfort and acoustics testing. Moving forward, Goertek will continue to explore and expand the cooperation with SGS to jointly develop new technologies and new methods with the objective of providing users with a better wearing experience.