Goertek participated in the 2016 China VR/AR Industry Summit

  • Exhibition Name : 2016 China VR/AR Industry Summit
  • Time : 2016/04/16
  • Location : Beijing
April 16, 2016, by the wisdom of things and the results of the 2016 co sponsored China VR/AR Industry Summit held in Crowne Plaza Hotel Sun Palace Beijing. From the competent department of the government, academia and industry chain bigwigs speech on the stage and watch VR/AR industry pain points and share cutting-edge practice, thinking and judgment. 

Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus rift, HTC vive, Samsung gear VR 3 and so on a large number of top VR/AR products and content concentrated debut the conference set up the global top VR/AR equipment and content experience zone, personnel to the scene to bring excess and deficiency of shock and an unprecedented experience. 

At this meeting, many Internet content providers and investors made a wonderful speech. Youku, music and TV mango published for the first time in VR strategy, the current domestic largest virtual reality industry base operator Netdragon group published the "construction of VR ecology" theme speech. In the afternoon of the heavyweight Summit Forum, ARM, ant technology, bright wind and so on to share their understanding of the new hardware revolution driven by technology, and bring their new practice. 

As the internationally renowned ODM machine integrated VR product manufacturer, Goertek''''''''s acoustic to participate in the summit. Feng Li, vice president of the company named "ride VR sail, welcome opportunity wave" keynote speech, from the VR industry overview, Goertek''''''''s role in the VR industry as well as the VR industry outlook three parts were described. 

Goertek in VR intelligent hardware development and manufacturing with the core capabilities and a full range of product layout: 

Acoustic aspects: 2015 Goertek acquisition of Denmark''s AM3D, the company focused on 3D audio enhancement algorithms, 3D sound positioning technology and high density reverberation algorithm, will greatly enhance the sense of immersion in VR auditory experience. 

Optics: 2014 Geer and Taiwan Valley Siong joint venture company was founded and in 2016 all equity repurchase and attention in cameras, mobile phones and VR lens design and manufacturing. The company''s high-end Lens VR has been widely used in high-end VR head display equipment. 

In terms of vertical integration, Goertek covers acoustic, optic and electric devices, contains microphone and speaker, a sensor, lens, camera, linear motor, antennas and connectors, FPC core components of the R & D and manufacturing, those with injection mold stamping, CNC machining, surface treatment of flexible automation and including one-stop manufacturing service ability. In the whole system integration, Goertek acoustic can provide including ID design, RF design, acoustic design, optical design, mechanical design, such as a full range of products and services. 

In order to continue to maintain Geer in VR head of significant competitive advantage in R & D, Goertek plans in 2016 and 2017 continue to upgrade PC VR head display device, VR integrated machine equipment, increasing application of eye tracking, gesture recognition, 3D sound and slam technology, and the lens of 4K OLED screen and 100 to 150 degree FOV. Goertek is also layout more peripheral hardware, including six degrees of freedom dynamic seat and controller, 3D audio VR headset, VR control handle, etc.. VR content acquisition is essential to the development of the industry, Goertek will also be the layout of the 4K image quality of 360 degree panoramic camera and UAV camera. 

Goertek and famous chip maker Qualcomm, and domestic and foreign colleges and universities such as Stanford, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics depth of cooperation, and strive for more brand customers to provide better and more high-quality products and services, in the field of VR is successful.

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