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Fully fusing health, beauty and advanced technology through connecting people, nature, the world and future trends is how Goertek will become one of the world’s leading enterprises.

—— Chairman of Goertek Inc. - Jiang Bin



Goertek established strategic cooperative relationship with Qualcomm and other companies, and developed deep cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beihang University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other well-known domestic and foreign institutions in acoustics, optics, metals, automation, software, AI and other professional fields. With strong R & D capacity, leading production technology, and elite management team, Goertek has won the recognition of cutting-edge high-tech enterprises like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Snapchat, Huawei, etc.

Goertek by the numbers

Goertek is headquartered in Weifang, China, with regional headquarters in Beijing, East China, South China, Taiwan, Japan, Europe and the U.S. The integration of global R&D and marketing resources makes Goertek become the international operating platform.


● Goertek Electronics America Co.,Ltd.


● Dynaudio Holding A/S
● Goertek Europe R&D
● AM3D A/S




● Beijing Goertek Technology Co.,Ltd.
● Beijing No.9 Lab Technology Co.,Ltd.
● Beijing Dynaudio Investment Co.,Ltd.
● Beijing Investment Management Co.,Ltd.

Weifang headquarter

● Goertek Inc.
● Weifang Goertek Electronics Co.,Ltd.
● Weifang Goertek Light Co.,ltd.
● Weifang Goertek Trading Co.,Ltd.
● Weifang LOKOMO Precision Industry Co.,Ltd.
● Weifang Goertek Technology Co.,Ltd.
● Weifang Goertek Precision Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
● Weifang Goertek Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.
● GoerXon Optical Precision Industry Co.,Ltd.
● Goertek Dynauddio Acoustics Co.,Ltd.

Qingdao R&D base

● Qingdao Goertek Technology Co.,Ltd.
● Goertek Techology Co.,Ltd.


● Nanjing Goertek Technology Co.,Ltd.


● Shanghai Goertek Technology Co.,Ltd.
● Goertek Investment Co.,Ltd.


●Shenzhen Goertek Technology Co.,Ltd.
● Shenzhen MATAI Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

Hong Kong

● Hong Kong Goertek Technology Co.,Ltd.


● Goertek VINA Co.,Ltd.


● Goertek Technology Korea Co.,Ltd.


● Goertek Technology Japan Co.,Ltd.
● Goertek Nikko Machinery Co.,Ltd.
● Eco Trust Japan Co.,Ltd.


● Goertek Electronics Taiwan Co.,Ltd.
● Taiwan GoerXon Optical Precision Co.,Ltd.
23 Chinese Offices 12 International Offices 7800+ Patents 38000+ Employees